Staging & Trails Heads

  • Snowy Hill top
    Snowy Hill top
  • 200 km+ Trail
    200 km+ Trail
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    3 Cabin's

Safety and Maps

First off get a Trail Guide and Map and Trial Passes at Urban Style Salon or Fox Creek Registries! ($80/Year until Dec 31, and $90/year after Jan 1)  The Northland Sno-Goers region cover more than 200 km of trail in total! SafeRidersI have  tried to include simple to follow instructions but without a map you will find it difficult.  Cell phones do not have reception in all area’s so it is recommended to carry basic survival equipment including something to make a fire with and warm winter gear.  A spot locator or other satellite communication device can be helpful.  Trail conditions can change due to weather or natural events so please use care!

The trail is has many up to date directional sign posts and safety signs.  Please pay attention to signs while riding.  Ride Safe!  Oh and Help your Fellow Rider!  Riders are asked to get there yearly trail permits from the Northland Sno-Goers and will get a map with their trail permit.  (For Rally’s Registration is Requested!)

Staging Area

Please use the Fox Creek Community Hall parking lot at 1 Ave. Please do not park at the Greenview Fox Creek Multiplex.

1. Intersection of 2nd A Ave and 1st Street (Across from the Community Hall)
From the parking lot at the old arena, the trails can be accessed by travelling down 2nd A Ave towards new multiplex and continue straight onto the right of way where road turns into parking lot, trail system starts once you get past multiplex. Trail head is located at the intersection of 2nd Ave and 1st Street east.

2. North Road Access –  Heading north on 3rd Street East (Iosegun lake Road) travel just past 2nd Ave and the trail crosses the road (Just past Paramount office on left) and the main trail heads east from town.

2. Hotels.
There are several new and economy hotels in Fox Creek. It is recommended to BOOK EARLY! Unload at the hotels and travel through town to the trail entrance on the north end of 1st street east at the 2nd Ave intersection. Snowmobiles are allowed to travel on roads in town as long as traffic laws are followed (use hand signals), low speeds are maintained and you ensure you are traveling directly from your destination to the trail head. Once on the trail head turn right.

Trail System and Trail Heads

The trail system of the Northland Sno-Goers makes up the western portion of the Golden Triangle Snowmobile trails. The Golden Triangle trail connects the towns of Fox Creek, Whitecourt and Swan Hills, Alberta and is a well-established, frequently used trail system. The trail system is meticulously groomed and Fox Creek has a well-established trail head and many hotels to choose from! (Book Early!) When you purchase Trail Passes you will also receive a complete Map. Come enjoy Fox Creek and the scenic trail system with something to offer all types of riders! This website also contains details about staging areas, local warm-up cabins, annual rally information and club events.

Once on the trail paralleling 2nd Ave follow until you cross the Iosegun lake road on the east side of town. After crossing the road follow you have two choices.

1. Main Trail – The main trail head is located at the intersection of 2nd Ave and 1st Street east, the first intersection on the trail takes you to the Iosegun Loop to the left or the main trail to the right. The trail crosses the Iosegun Lake road past the Paramount office along 3rd Street East. From there you will come upon the intersection with options of taking the West Heavy Sound Loop or the main trail. The main trail splits off at the Beaver Dam rest stop with the options of taking the trail to the Trappers Cabin and heading towards Whitecourt or the trail to Eagle cabin, then onto Harold’s Hut and to Swan Hills. Be sure to get a trail map which identifies the various trails in the Fox Creek area!

For More Information see Cabin’s!